Powerball results: Winning numbers for $50m jackpot draw 1384 revealed

Powerball jackpot draws- Thursday night’s $50 million Powerball digits have been drawing up.

champions are ruling the lottery world. A lucky Australian won a huge jackpot. which is really a big moment for the winner and his family. Powerball results…

Powerball Results number

The winning figures were 6, 9, 14, 25, 27, 31, 33 and the Powerball was 15.

One favored Australian has taken home the huge and big jackpot.

The champions, from the New South Wales Mid North Coast, may not know they are $50 million cash richer.

The punter was recorded but lottery representatives from The Lott were unable to Extend them on Thursday night.

“I was ready to certify Powerball’s newest division one winner straightway after the outcome of tonight’s draw were known, but sadly whenever I called the digit providing, it just rang out,” The Lott spokesman Matt Hart said.

“If you see a number of missed calls on your phone, you could be the champions we’re trying to communicate. there is a lack of communication between the winner and lottery officials; there is no connection between them.

“You may not think it’s practically possible you’re the division one lottery champion we’re piercing for, but if you have an entry from an NSW Lotteries outlet on the Mid North Coast into this week’s Powerball draw that you haven’t checked yet, you’re in with a chance.

“We’re urging all Powerball participants to check their arrival as soon as possible. If you discover you are placing the division one winning passes, please communicate the Lott on 131 868 to begin the process of demanding your award.”

It comes after three fortunate Australians paired all of the digits in October’s $160 million jackpot, cleaving the award and taking home $53,333,333.34 each.

Among them was an unconscious dad from Penrith in western Sydney.

He didn’t trust the news at first. because it is very big news for him for a minute, he can’t trust his ear what he just heard.

“Really? Are you sure? Holy sh*t! This is an amazing wonderful moment!” he told The Lott representative who rang him up to approve his life-switch big win.

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