How to recover deleted favorite photos and videos from Google Photos

If you also use Google Photos, then you can easily recover deleted favorite pictures and videos.

If videos or pictures have been deleted from Google Photos, then you must read this article because

in this article we are going to tell you some simple tips,  by adopting which you can recover deleted favorite pictures and videos. If so, let's find out.

Google Photos is an app where you can easily store any photo or video for many years.

If there is not much space in the mobile phone ie memory, then many people use this app.

For this, first of all, Google Photos application has to be downloaded in the mobile.

After downloading, account has to be opened in this application. After opening the account, you can easily store the photo by selecting it 

follow these steps- 1. First of all open Google Photos app in mobile.

2. After opening, on the bottom right corner, you will see the Library section where you have to click.

3. Search and select the picture or video you want to recover.

4. After selecting, you will see the option of Restore at the bottom, click here.

5. After clicking, the picture and video you selected will appear in the photo library.

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