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Massachusetts State Lottery winners: $4 million prize won in Norwood

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One fortunate lottery passes -holder in Massachusetts has beaten incredibly slim odds to score a $4 million award.
The $4 million award, the top award in the “$4,000,000 amazing” scrape-off lottery game, was won Friday. The leading passes were acquired at Shaw’s corner store location in Norwood. The winnings amount to $2.6 million before taxes. The odds of leading winning the award are one in 5.04 million

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Bordering the multi-million-dollar lottery win, there was numerous other notable awards won Friday. Two lucky lottery passes -proprietor scratch $100,000 each from the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” scratch-off game. Their big winning passes were Acquired at a gas station in Chelmsford and a liquor store in Salisbury.
Friday’s wonderful winners were not the only fortunate lottery participant this week. Three $100,000 awards were won or demanded in Beverly, Newton, and Malden the day before Thanksgiving, and on Monday, another $100,000 award was won from passes paid for by an auto repair shop in Lawrence.
Also, last week, Fredi Rubio, a Sterling resident, won the $2 million award in the “$2,000,000 50X Cashword” scratch-off game. He buys his winning from Appletown Market in his town. The big winning lottery participant pick the cash option for his award and collected a one-time compensation of $1.3 million before taxes.
Overall, there was 570 big winning lottery passes valued at least $600 demanded or sold in Massachusetts on Friday, inclusive of nine in Springfield, 26 in Worcester, and 49 in Boston.
Every day, the Massachusetts State Lottery unlocks a list of all the big winning passes that are valued at more than $600.
The biggest lottery passes award won in Massachusetts this year was valued at $16.35 million, which was part of the game “Megabucks Doubler” game. The big ticket was bought at Cumberland Farms in Ware. There were also three $15 million awards won in the commonwealth this year. The lottery world is picking on top this time lottery world is fortunate for many participants. So this is a good chance for normal people to invest in the lottery world.

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